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July 24, 2014
20 HRS AGO - Last Blog Until Monday, August 4 This will be my last blog until Monday, August 4. Most people Expand
July 21, 2014
3 DAYS AGO - Tip of the Week Overplaying and Underplaying. Sameer's Tournaments On Saturday I coached one Expand
July 16, 2014
16/07/2014 - Celebrities I've Met Because of table tennis I've met an inordinate number of celebrities. Expand
July 15, 2014
15/07/2014 - USATT Minutes Here are the minutes to the USATT May 19, 2014 Teleconference, which just went up. Expand
After More Than 6 Months Of Scratching My Head, Researching & Hard Work On Takin...
11/07/2014 - After More Than 6 Months Of Scratching My Head, Researching & Hard Work On Taking My Work Into Expand
July 10, 2014
10/07/2014 - Watching Matches I've always wanted to put a camera on spectators that shows exactly what they Expand
The EIAY Week 27 Diary
08/07/2014 - Week 27 of the Expert in a Year challenge was almost certainly the best yet! We had eight training Expand
July 7, 2014
07/07/2014 - The blog will start up again tomorrow, on Tuesday, July 8. See you then!
Commonwealth Games - New Zealand Herald
04/07/2014 -  Table Tennis: Top player in row over Games omissionBy Steve Deane5:00 AM Friday Jul 4, 2014Kiwi Expand
Table Tennis Blog
Shared by Sarah Her-Lee
Fenerbahce Veteran Table Tennis Club
02/07/2014 - Fenerbahce Veteran Table Tennis Club is in İstanbul, Turkey. The club is a very active, friendly Expand
July 23, 2014
1 DAY AGO - Doc Counsilman Science Coach of the Year and Ruminations on Coaching Look what I got in the mail Expand
July 18, 2014
6 DAYS AGO - Skills Versus Ratings Yao Siu-Long emailed me an interesting question recently. He wrote: As we Expand
When should the umpire call the score?
16/07/2014 - Recently an umpire called the score and the server served. The opponent said that he wasn't ready Expand
July 14, 2014
14/07/2014 - Tip of the Week The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Table Tennis Players. (Note - this is a complete Expand
Charlotte Bardsley: Beginner to National Champion in 18 Months
11/07/2014 - Here’s a new feature for the Expert Table Tennis blog… Player Profiles! This is a Expand
2014 ITTF Women's World Cup
10/07/2014 - The 2014 edition of the Women's World Cup will take place outside Asia for the first time in its Expand
July 8, 2014
08/07/2014 - Tip of the Week Playing Bad - It's All Mental (Usually). 2014 U.S. Open I was at the U.S. Open Expand
Plastic (Poly) Balls
05/07/2014 - The ITTF have confirmed that plastic balls (known as poly balls) are now the only type of Expand
Just Finished Making My Latest Table Tennis Artwork "USA"..I Wish You All My Dea...
03/07/2014 - Just Finished Making My Latest Table Tennis Artwork "USA"..I Wish You All My Dear Expand
I need help with my forehand stroke
01/07/2014 - I need help with my forehand stroke. My grip on the racket (paddle / bat) is poor. The racket Expand
July 22, 2014
2 DAYS AGO - Two-Colored Balls On July 17 I linked to an article on the Chinese trying out two-toned Expand
July 17, 2014
7 DAYS AGO - Serve and Attack Patterns There are all sorts of ways to serve and attack. For the uninitiated, Expand
Finishing up in My Home Workshop This New Awesome Artistic Blade "Hulk Smash".
16/07/2014 - Finishing up in My Home Workshop This New Awesome Artistic Blade "Hulk Smash".
Commonwealth Games Selector - New Zealand Herald
14/07/2014 - Table Tennis: Selector involved in previous complaintFour-time national table tennis champion Expand
Table Tennis Blog
Shared by Sarah Her-Lee
July 11, 2014
11/07/2014 - How to Maximize Use of Your Tables A common problem at clubs is that there are too many players, Expand
July 9, 2014
09/07/2014 - Fighting Spirit One thing that always bothers me is how people judge a player's fighting Expand
My Latest Table Tennis Artwork "Aria"..Hope You Like it..Enjoy! :)
07/07/2014 - My Latest Table Tennis Artwork "Aria"..Hope You Like it..Enjoy! :)
Possibly a Record Setter
05/07/2014 - A minor record may have been broken this Independence Day in Grand Rapids. Check out the start of Expand
The EIAY Week 26 Diary & Highlights
02/07/2014 - Week 26 means that we are almost at the halfway stage of the challenge and we are still pretty Expand
June 30, 2014
30/06/2014 - Last Blog Until Monday, July 7, and the U.S. Open This morning I'm flying out to the U.S. Open Expand


Our featured newsfeed in July!


World Championships: Lesser Participants Greater Marketing Value

From Table Tennista
<p>Proposals limiting the number of participants in big

Fan Zhendong & Wang Hao Eager For The Two-Toned Ball

From Table Tennista
<p>The Chinese Super League will be making history this year

Liu Shiwen: Hard Work Always Produces Good Results

From Table Tennista
<p>Liu Shiwen had an outstanding performance in this

Zhang Jike: The Man With Guts

From Table Tennista
<p>Zhang Jike is known for his solid backhand and in all

12 Curious Facts about Table Tennis (VIDEO)

From Table Tennista
<p>More than 100 years of Table Tennis History, and many

Michael Maze - Off the Table (VIDEO)

From Table Tennista
<p>Michael Maze is the protagonist of the ITTF Series Off The

Bayi Players Lacked Preparation For The 15th Round Super League? (Photos)

From Table Tennista
<p>Bayi players Wang Hao, Xu Chenhao and Zhou Yu recently

Liu Guoliang Wants The Chinese Super League To Gain More Attention

From Table Tennista
<p>Having the best players in the world in one competition

Bayi Defeated By Beijing In The 15th Round Super League

From Table Tennista
<p>Beijing faced the defending champions for the 15th round

Jun Mizutani Complained Over Umpire's Misjudgement (Video)

From Table Tennista
<p>Being the top ranking player of the Japanese Team, Jun

Timo Boll's serves in Slow Motion (VIDEO)

From Table Tennista
<p>Timo Boll's serves in slow motion by ppstation youtube

Follow TT players on Instagram!

From Table Tennista
<p>Table Tennis players are taking over social networks!

Ningbo Posted First Defeat In The 2014 Super League

From Table Tennista
<p>After 14th round of the 2014 Chinese Super League, the

Kim Min Seok Strives To Win A Gold In The Asian Games

From Table Tennista
<p>Whenever there is a Chinese player in a competition,

Wang Hao Takes Pride From His Olympic Silver Medals

From Table Tennista
<p>Wang Hao is one of the most respected players in table

Ri Myong Sun Is Losing Her Advantage In The Super League

From Table Tennista
<p>Since the 2014 Chinese Super League started, the Beijing

Table Tennis History (TIMELINE)

From Table Tennista
<p>Check out the most important moments of Table Tennis

Marcos Madrid and Adriana Diaz won the 2014 Pan American Sport Festival!

From Table Tennista
<p>Mexico and Puerto Rico won the last gold medals in the

Ai Fukuhara's Charm Is Not Doing Her Any Good Anymore

From Table Tennista
<p>Ai Fukuhara is a truly loved personality in table tennis.

Wang Hao: Happy To Return Home In Changchun

From Table Tennista
<p>Compared to before, Wang Hao has clearly taken the back


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